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Thread: Positive transaction feedback

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    Positive transaction feedback

    Since there's no general feedback area (I understand why) I thought I'd post this here. If the mods don't approve please nuke from orbit and accept my apologies.

    I've bought stuff from both these SD gentlemen recently, Old tikka and camo304. In both cases there has been a small problem with the item, but in both cases the sellers could not have done more to help resolve it and have bent over backwards to put things right. So I'd like to thank them and can wholeheartedly recommend dealing with them if you are in any doubt.

    Thank you. As you were.

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    Some more feedback, if I may.

    penta (Neil) was an absolute gent to deal with recently and is a man of his word, I would not hesitate to deal with him again.

    And camo304 (Andy) whom I mentioned in my post above has truly excelled himself, chasing up a return on my behalf and keeping me updated regularly. If you're pondering a deal with him, don't hesitate.

    Gentlemen, thank you both for your sterling service.
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    There should be a positive and negative feedback score against anyone's name or avatar who buy and sell on here.!
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    penta (Neil) was an absolute gent to deal with recently and is a man of his word, I would not hesitate to deal with him again.

    Thank you Bruce, for your kind words. You are an absolute gent to deal with also. I think this is a good idea. Know it will mean a lot more admin work for the Moderators on here though but definitely think it would be a good idea both for sellers and purchasers. Please don't ban me mod's It's just a thought.

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