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Thread: Coastal wildfowling (ideally in East Anglia)

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    Coastal wildfowling (ideally in East Anglia)

    I know this is a big ask as guides are few and far between but I have a group of 4 of us who shoot together that would be very keen for an outing on either marshland or tidal broads , I know the big limiting issue is I would prefer to head to East Anglia as its likely we will be bringing families and its a part of the country I love to visit, but would consider other areas. Any recommendations of guides who could assist with this would be greatly appreciated.



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    Try contacting Fenland wildfowlers club. They should be able to put you in touch with a guide

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    i am a member fenland will not put you in touch with a guide ,but if your in the BASC they will get a member to take you out but you will have to buy a duck stamp 5 .PM me a i will get you to the right person .not sure about 4 people at the same time .

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    Look on the Rockland Wildfowlers website, they have two boats available for BASC members to shoot the broad, two guns per boat. A unique experience as I think Rockland is now the only broad shot over.

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    thanks for the replies, so it looks like the basc scheme is the only option then, on the East Anglian coast, will have a chat with the lads and see what they say. If we cant sort something as a group then I will drop you a PM Steve as I would be keen for a trip down on my own. Im down on the coast next week for a few days with the family and love walking round the marshes at Blakeney and the like.

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