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Thread: Bunny basher

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    Bunny basher

    So. If I was to buy a bunny basher, .22LR or 17HMR? Advice please.
    KevinF -

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    Go for a moderated .22LR and a couple of box of sub-sonics!



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    depends on how many you want to shoot and where. The .22 is a better tool for shooting a quantity due to it being near silent. The .17 comes into its own if ricochets are a concern or if you cant get very close. Also more fun in my book. The crack of the shot often empties the next few fields though

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    30-06 ai

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    22LR all the way....

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    i have .22 lr, which doesnt get used much. if i had a .17 it would get used less. keeper mates have great fun in caged pickup with the 17's shooting hundres per night but they get left for charlie. my thougts are if your going to make a bang, make a proper bang. go silent if i were you! youre quite welcome to try my .22 if you want.

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    We both have one of each cal, as has been said, it depends on what you need to do,........get one of each.
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    Have to agree with the bear on this -

    I've a Sako Finfire in .22 and she is a good-a gun as you'll get in that cal - using Eley Subs any rabbit out to 110-120 yards doesn't get to walk away. Past the 120yard mark you're holding over 2-3" out to 150, then if you can forget shooting past that.

    I've just put in for a Vari on a .17HMR for the specific purpose of drilling rabbits at 120yards + (and l'm a lazy git and would like to sit in a vantage point and have the luxury of punching them from a long distance)

    I say if you can, have a .22 but stick to sub bullets, have both - As for a .17 it has to be either a Anschutz or a Savage - accurate as hell.

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    I have both as well and given the choice I would use the .17. The .22 is fun (as its a semi) and accurate but the explosive performance of the bullet and its flatter trajectory always win for me.

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