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Thread: Nosler 120gr BT 6.5mm

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    Nosler 120gr BT 6.5mm

    Clearing out the last of my 6.5mm bits, I have approx 60x 120gr NBT. Some have been loaded and then pulled. I will also chuck in 14x 100gr Nosler BT that I have left. Asking 20 collected, Cornwall. Please pm me if interested.

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    Wish I was closer fella would of snapped them up

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    Bugger......................too far..........................


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    please send me your telephone number.
    Regards Ts

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    Still available. I travel to west Devon fairly regularly if that helps anyone.

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    Next time I'm down seeing family in Plymouth I'll drop you a line to see if you still have them.

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    Are they for me Guesty

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