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Thread: Stalking near Cheshire with Mike

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    Stalking near Cheshire with Mike

    Just a thought I would do a quick post. Went out stalking with Mike Dickinson from Calton moor range on friday to see if we could get a red spiker. We arranged to meet for 4pm to have a hour on his underground build tunnel range but due to horrific traffic coming through macclesfield and leak i didnt get there till 5pm.. we still had an hour on the range which was brill. The range is realy nothing like I have seen with tv screens showing your target and full bench shooting equipment. Mike was very helpfull and gave some good advice. I was using my .270 which was shooting fine so off we went about 20 mins drive to Mikes ground. There was very bad rain whilst we were on the range (good job its indoors!) but as we left Mikes house the clouds broke away and the sun poped out.. great! As soon as we got to the ground we parked up and glassed a vast area of his ground, Mike spotted a group of 6-8 reds 2 or 3 of which were spikers.. we stalked down the vallly up into a wood and emerged out of the wood on the frige of the grass field.. the deer were about 250-300 yards down to our left still unaware of our presence. The usual heart pumping kicked in.. stealthy we began the crucial stalking into our marked quary using the finge of the wood as cover. Everything was going to plan.. then the wind started swerling.. straight to the deer. Another couple of steps forward and again a swerl of wind took our scent straight to the deer. A hind with the group stoped feeding and looked right in out direction.. she couldnt see us but knew somthing was wrong. That was the last we saw of them as they practically vanished! Mike picked up on some fresh tracks indicating the direction they had gone, by the looks of these tracks they are some very big reds on the ground! I thoroughly enjoyed they stalk with Mike, he knows his ground well and knows how to get you onto the deer, anyone in or around the area i would recommend to try the range out and have a stalk with mike once the reds are back in.. I know I will be as it is very convenient for me.. I dont have to take a weekend off work to go upto scotland, just give Mike a bell and within an hour I can be out stalking! Great!
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    Did you happen to low neck it by any chance: i ask because i saw a spiker in his larder around that time....

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    No mate we didnt end up geting one.. maybe next season though!

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    Mo - would you have Mike's contact details?....



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    Thumbs up

    sounds like you had a great night out, i've hav had many trips up there with Mike
    top bloke

    and the range ain't bad either
    heres to your next trip

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    Cheers Stone, it was a very good stalk indeed.. even though it didnt yield a beast it was great to be out there and stalk into the group.. just you cant always have nature on your side! All the best.. and might even see you up on the range some time!

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    yep mo
    had a trip or two with mick good man knows his stuff. good bit of land.and close to home my home anyway he makes the effort to get you on to deer and gets the job done deserves a bit of credit.and that range is the dogs b###### shoot till late and no mither

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    i was out tonite with Mike on mine
    but this time he was having a nite off
    how did i know, cos he weren't wearing his baby grow
    and i did all the work

    Sorry Dweeb looks like a couple more to skin just don't throw the tails away , they may just come in handy

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    Thats probably the first time his jeans have been expossed to sunlight! Also noticce the Shameless Ziess Plugging

    "Even at the very bottom of the river, I didn't think to myself, Is this a hearty joke or the merest accident? I just thought, it's wet." - Eeyore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam View Post
    Also noticce the Shameless Ziess Plugging

    Shameless............. NEVER
    the smile and stance says it all
    can't believe you never mentioned the Rainbow gun

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