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Thread: second bald deer

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    second bald deer

    I was fortunate enough to get another buck this morning. He was only about 200m from the spot where I shot the previous one that was suffering hair loss. This ones much worse. The hairs been missing for at least a month as my stalking oppo saw him on the first. Also the skin has gone dark where the hair is missing, interestingly it is still white where the few bits of hair are left. Nodes were normal this time and he seemed fit otherwise.
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    I am beginning to suspect mange but the skin looks healthy enough.

    As an aside the farmer suggests that badgers have very "thin" coats, hair not very dense. I didnt ask how he knew but it surprised me, made me wonder if there is a problem in the area, there is a huge badger population, also a lot of horses. Anyone know if badgers have thin coats? Do you reckon it could be a horse/badger complaint passing to the deer or vice versa.

    The first one I tended to think could be moulting but surely the new coat would have appeared after a month?

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    Can't help with the answer, but I am curious...

    What County/Town/City are you? I'll understand if you don't wish to disclose that info, but others in that area might have come accross the same....

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    I am no expert but that really loooks like bad mange. Worse i ever seen on a deer though. may i ask 1, did you take to vet to get some advice 2, what happened to the meat 3, where there any leasons under the skin at all.
    how was his eyes i.e skin cut with blisters and or bleeding....

    cheers f.

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    TJ - its around the York area. There are a lot of deer around but I have never seen this before

    CBS - 1) not taken to a vet as no issues with gralloch to suggest that was necessary
    2) the carcase is still in my fridge
    3) skin still on him so dont know about lesions but the skin externally seems fine. Dry, clean and not at all flakey.
    4) Eyes, face and neck all completely normal, including hair. He seems to be an old boy though

    The first deer was discussed in the thread below

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    That deer has the look of one going into summer coat looking at his neck. It is possible that the bald patches could be lice as they tend to cause irritation. This in turn causes them to scratch and thus causes bald patches. Was this animal on its own? It could be that others dont want to be near it due to the lie infestation.

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    On closer inspection it just looks like natural shedding of the winter coat. You can see the chesnut summer coat coming through on the bit where the hair has come away. I see alot of bucks like this in different areas and i find it's more prevelant at this time of year also as the bucks are prone to the odd tussle as the more mature bucks are trying to 'kick out' the younger bucks. You'll often see alot of shed hair under fences that deer have passed through at this time of year.

    I'm in the York area myself....PM me if you get chance, and we could maybe meet up for a pint!



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    He was on his own but the previous one was not. I had a pretty good look at the few remaining tufts of hair and could see no insects. There was definite evidence of the summer coat. One thing I did notice was that some of the winter coat hairs were short as if cut/snapped off, would that suggest mange??

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    There is absolutely no hair on any of the grey areas you can see. The only summer coat is around the neck, also I would have expected the new coat to have come through in a month??

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    they rub there backends on trees and posts like sheep do....that might account for cut like appearance.

  10. #10!!!!! At this time of year it is very common for people to get upset by the site of baulding deer . As you can see from a thread that has passed and also on other internet sites the same has been noted. If you shoot one like that by early june i will be surprised

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