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Thread: keeping the midges off

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    keeping the midges off

    I find wiping yourself down with baby wipes ( unused of course ) before you go out stalking keeps the midges away , plus its cheeper than the sprays , it works for me everytime.

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    I can't say I've noticed that but I'll give it a try.
    I alway scarry a small pack to wipe the odd speck of blood, regardless of wearing rubber gloves and being careful, that I always get on my wrists.
    Being a mild disinfectant as well they are handy for the odd time brambles or thorns lash your face or wherever.

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    Never tried baby wipes, will try them though always have them with me. Have used Avon "skin so soft" for years, that keeps the Highland beasties at bay, well, for me anyway.

    It also does wonders for my delicate skin!


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    I`ll try anything !!
    Not sure what it is, but wether it`s Scotland and the midges or Africa nad mossies, if theres one in the country it will find me and bite me !!

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    Avon Skin so Soft have kept me bite free for years.

    Its worked everywhere from West Scotland to Alaska, and from Namibia to Belize

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    You can also get midge suit's I bough a midge proof top last seasson for something like 12 from a local gunshop. It's very light so is easy to carry around with you when your out and about.

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    I HATE MIDGES. I have tried everything, including skin so soft, which does seem to work for some people. Unfortunatly I am not one of them, if midges are about you do not need a repelant, if i am there they will be on me.

    Now if you smoke!!! Ahh no lets not get onto that subject again, although I do admit it keeps midges away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.B
    Avon Skin so Soft have kept me bite free for years.

    Its worked everywhere from West Scotland to Alaska, and from Namibia to Belize
    This is also widely promoted on the fishing forums by those plagued by Scottish midgies but I think there is one specific version/perfume that works.

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    Avon Skin so Soft

    Avon Skin so Soft has never kept a midge of me and I suspect that those who think is does have either been using garlic or vitamin B for some time before subjecting themselves to the beat. I agree that some people are more prone to bites than others but suspect it's what they have been eating prior to the arrival of the midge.I have live and worked out doors all my life and nothing has stopped the midge from attacking me.

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