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Thread: In search of a Deer Stalking Saddle for our Highland ponies

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    In search of a Deer Stalking Saddle for our Highland ponies

    Hello All!
    I am new to this Forum... and new to Highland Ponies. We live in Wyoming USA and will be picking up our two Highland weanlings next month. They will be the first two in the State of Wyoming of less then 100 in all of the USA. We hunt here in Wyoming and are excited about using our Highlands for packing game. In the tradition of their heritage, I would also like to be able to use proper Deer stalking saddles. I have found old posts of such saddles for sale (from 2010 and 2011) AND I found an article about a fellow named Sandy Macarthur, who makes Stalking saddles. However I have not found any current ads for saddles and have not been able to find any contact info for Sandy.
    Both our Highlands are just weanlings, so we have time to track down the tack we are seeking. But it appears they are few and far between, so I am glad I am getting an early start. We will be visiting the UK and Scotland, Sept/Oct of 2016.
    I would appreciate any information you might be able to send my way... and contact info for Sandy Macarthur would be helpful too. All I know is he is at Rogie Farm, Contin by Strathpeffer Ross-shire Scotland.
    Thanks for your help! ~ Diana Casey

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    Hi Diana
    Here is a list of saddlers for a start.

    Membership List

    I live in the next glen to Rogie / Contin - Sandy isn't in our local phone book. I will ask around to see if anyone knows him.


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    Contact the following Lady and you won't go far wrong:

    All the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post

    Contact the following Lady and you won't go far wrong:
    All the best.

    Fun link.

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    Wonderful! Thank you! I will go have a look at the link you sent on Saddlers. I appreciate your help! ~ Ch'ears ~ Di

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    Hi! Awesome!! I stumbled upon her website late last night and found her on Facebook too. I had a blast going through her photos and posts. She looks like a step in the right direction. I appreciate your help. ~ Ch'ears ~ Di

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    Awesome! I bet she can help me! Thanks so much! ~ Di

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    Wow! That Saddlers list is thorough! You just gave me weeks of connections to sift through! Awesome! Thanks so much Ian!

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    Welcome to the SD,Diana,you'll find a lot helpful chaps of this forum,all very happy to give help and advice. Good luck with your search.All the best.

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    My grandfather used to work garrons on the hill, so nice to see so much interest.

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