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Thread: Dorset Firearms -superb service.

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    Dorset Firearms -superb service.

    Many thanks to Dorset Firearms Dept. I sent in my FAC for a variation and explained I need it urgently as my gun is being re-barrelled and I was shooting next week. They received my FAC Friday and this morning , Monday I was called to say it was ready for collection or they would post it to me. You could not ask for faster service than that.

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    I emailed a couple of weeks ago for a timeframe, given 2-3, sent paperwork asking for a 1:1 on a larger Cf cal, phone call week later to clarify, received back all correct the following week.

    And to top it off the conditions read ALQ, no specified species.

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    Dorset have always been great to me..

    They have previously done a variation while i wait and an unexpected opportunity saw them ammend my european pass while i wait again.

    Cant beat them imo
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Dorset have been fantastic for me too. Needed a variation and a sale done and fairly quickly and was quoted 2-3 weeks.

    it was all turned round in under a week and through my door 1st class post.

    really good.

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    tayside has not been great .put my old 270 to be destoyed with a variation paper (in for another 270) and my cerificate .two weeks later got a letter with my old certificate and variation form asking where my old 270 was .told them they had it and sent back my certificate and form back and said i would need it in about 2 weeks to go stalking. phoned them today they said they have not done it yet and "would get round to it sometime as they have 3-4 weeks back log.

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    I sent my renewal plus variation in mid January. My certificates ran out in mid February. I was sent temporary certificates in April and finally got my certificates in mid October.

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    Can you send them up to Essex please? Pretty dismal round here, 3 months if you push, up to 6 if you don't.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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