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Thread: How do you like your porridge?

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    How do you like your porridge?

    I've never been much of a one for breakfast unless I was going on a Cull or Stalking even though I know that many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However recently the wife has been trying to get me on a much more healthy eating regime and has been giving me a bowl or porridge each morning.
    I prefer mine with mixed with a chopped banana and a dribble of honey.
    How do you guys like yours? (The porridge, not the wife)

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    The small sachets of oats with a hint of golden syrup for me, but I take those little pots of the same stuff when away, they just need a splash of boiling water.
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    Home made, none of the packet rubbish you bung in the microwave. Have mine with a pinch of salt

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    Home made. Concessions to modern convenience are to use rolled oats (large bag of Suma organic) rather than oatmeal...and I cook it in the bowl in the microwave to save washing up a saucepan. Other half makes it traditionally on the Rayburn.

    I always eat it with salt and a splash of milk. Except... Highdays and Holidays a splash of whiskey and brown sugar.


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    One part jumbo oats, two & a bit parts milk in a bowl (deep enough so it doesn't boil over) - 6 minutes in the microwave - Ding! Add salt or demarera sugar depending on mood - does the job for me.
    No stirring a pan no pan to wash - Dead easy!


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    I like mine with fresh fruit, honey and a big dollop of clotted cream (which probably cancels out the benefits of eating porridge but tastes fantastic )

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    Golden syrup and a touch of cream,not really healthy but damn tasty.

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    Thick enough to stand a spoon in, cold milk over gently to slightly cool and solidify (its right when separated from the bowl). Bit of sugar when making. A dram if its the weekend.

    My gran used to pour the above into a drawer to dry out and cut into slices to eat on the go, minus the sugar or dram of course.
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    It varies in our family. My preference is for it made from oats and quite loose when cooked - plenty of liquid and made with goats milk. Honey and raisins and occasionally replace the honey with Lyles golden syrup !
    Son makes his every morning in the microwave and it comes out reminiscent of potters clay and its literally pushed into his bowl, he then adds breakfast serial in layers (whatever we have), honey and finally fruit compote peaches or whatever. By now the bowl is overflowing - he sits and eats it in a rocking chair in the warm listening to a book downloaded onto his Ipad. I have found him there later when he's not working, sleeping !

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    As it comes - Scotts Porridge Oats - with half-fat milk - and a generous helping of Maple Syrup (thats the proper stuff and not the 'corn-syrup with flavouring').............just until it coats the ladle!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm - cant go wrong.

    PS - not micro-waved as just does not taste the same as pan-cooked.


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