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Thread: BDS Highlands Branch Autumn Meeting

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    BDS Highlands Branch Autumn Meeting


    1st November 2015 Start time 11.00 am

    Location - STRATHCONON VILLAGE HALL 5733'25"N, 449'54"W Grid ref:- NH 30675 55415 . Postcode IV67QQ.

    BDS Members & non-members - all welcome(Admission free) An informal event - It's all about the deer! (Again!)
    Draft Programme (Timing / order of presentations not fixed)Arrival / sign in & Coffee/Tea provided from 10.00 am

    Presentation by Prof. Josephine Pemberton (University of Edinburgh) on:-Red deer research on Rum- recommendations for deer managers. Followed by open discussion andfeedback.

    Presentation by Wayne Rollinson of the UK Scent Hounds Association on:-"What the UKSHA can do for recovery of wounded deer.Or how to find the shot site and follow up on wounded Deer/Boar"

    Display of fine art and paintings of deer related topics by Justin Prigmore of Prigmoreart, Carrbridge(Justin Prigmore - Award Winning Artist)

    Display & talk by Richard Eadon Knifemaker & Leather Craftsman

    See BDS website for more info.


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    Aside from coveting Y's Golden Retriever ( s), I'm not doing a presentation this year - nothing to do with the rumour that the Scottish Ambulance Service couldn't cope with the carnage following my blurb on 'safety' last year - and unfortunately I can't make it to sit and heckle Richard E . So no ties/ commercial interest etc.

    Therefore I feel free to say....

    If its anywhere close to last year, you'll be missing a great day out. Very friendly and informal, with some good dialogue back and forth. Lunch break was more like a group picnic and the hall at Strathconnon worth the trip alone. Highly recommended.

    Hat off to Y for his part in making these events happen.

    PS - there's NO TRUTH in the rumour Iain Davidson isn't presenting this year 'cos the Branch couldn't afford subtitles......
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