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Thread: Roe Deer tails!

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    Smile Roe Deer tails!

    Got my e-mail newsletter from Scott Country today.
    Decided to have a look at the recording taken on a Pulsar Apex XD75, the link in the newsletter takes you to U-Tube:

    it says
    "Published on Oct 15, 2015
    We were filming with Scott Country for a feature on thermal foxing using the Pulsar Apex XD75 Thermal Riflescope when this little roe deer came along so we filmed him for a while."

    Have a look at the the tail on this "roe deer" - I've never seen one like that! What are we looking at?


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    Defo fallow buck as ranger 22 says a pricket of the species .very clear picture

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    It dose show that thermal is not very precise when the experts get it so wrong lol.

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    Expectation triumphs over examination. Anyone looking at even this image would conclude its not a roe. You can actually see the 'warmth' from the pedicles.

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    As per the others...Fallow Buck. You can just make out a penile tassel, the long tail and a glimpse of the horse-shoe rear cordal border. Couldn't be anything else, so a bit odd they concluded it was a Roe.

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    To be fair the caption on the video says - "Pulsar Apex XD75 Thermal Riflescope in action - Fallow Deer" ? Unless they have recently edited the title maybe they have just got a bit over excited when writing the comments? Anyway its fairly clear from the picture it's a fallow stag - not a roe hind, and definitely not a red buck or doe Lovely clear picture mind you.

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    The caption on U-Tube has been corrected since I posted! The original caption is the one I cut and pasted, in inverted commas, on my original post.
    However I suspect a good few folk must have had a look who might not have otherwise bothered and it does show how good this technology is getting.

    Wonderful tool for doing your deer census.


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    It's not even slightly roe deer shape!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alasdair View Post
    Wonderful tool for doing your deer census.
    Yep - just so long as you can recognise the deer you're looking at. I posted the first comment on You Tube giving Scott Country 10/10 for the kit, but 0/10 for deer recognition ... Hey presto! As if by magic the caption changes.

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