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    Surprise Buck

    I decided to go for a wander around yesterday evening and see if I could find a deer, I parked up in the farm yard and walked the 15 yards or so to a gate where I can have a good look around with the bino's. In the field to my right about 400 yards away was a Doe, I often see her and to date have never seen a buck with her, I guess that it's only a matter of time now though. To my left there was another deer in a good field, I couldn't make out what sex it was so decided that the stalk was on, this animal was about 500 yards from me and the wind direction was going to be an issue but I had to try. I walked down the side of a dry stone wall and towards the edge of the woods, I had to get to the wood, walk along the edge of it and then into the open field and see what happened from there. I was just about to go through the open gate when from behind me a buck ran past me about 15 to 20 yards from me! He must have come for a look to see what I was and decided at the last minute that I was bigger than him, he veered off and over a dry stone wall, I barked at him and he stopped about 70 yards away, sticks up rifle placed on sticks and took my shot, all in about 5 seconds, I heard the thud, he started to run from me but he was on his last legs, he swerved from side to side as he ran then came to a halt, wobbled and fell over, he kicked his legs for a second or two and then lay still, I knew that it was a lung shot but I have never had an animal run this far before, about 100 yards. He was on alert when I took the shot and so I think that this had a bearing.
    I walked around him keep my scent from him just incase but on approach I could see that he was dead due to the exit hole and the pink blood confirmed that it was indeed a lung shot. I did poke his eye with my sticks but that wasn't really necessary. I hung him up on my sticks and did the gralloch, a little 6 pointer but only just.. Carcas weight was 33lbs so not a monster by any means but a smashing little buck all the same and that is my third this season.

    As I found him, pink blood et al.

    Entry hole side

    The Gralloch in progress

    Thanks for reading..
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    Good stalk then! Always nice to get one for the freezer! well done!

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