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Thread: Blaser Storage.

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    Blaser Storage.

    Right then folks.

    I store my R8 in the locker with the trigger mech/ magazine removed and stored separate but with the bolt in place. This is because i have a AIM cheek piece on the stock that must be removed to remove the bolt. Which is a pain.. How do you think my FEO would see this..
    Surely it'll be ok as the gun is just as useless without the trigger as it is without the bolt?

    I know I've left myself wide open there to all the Blaser haters…

    Just a thought.

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    Definitely worth checking out.
    I would think that as it would require a FAC to buy a bolt, I would think that that is the component to be stored separately. I don't think you need an FAC to buy a trigger unit.
    I have a Blaser R8 and store my bolt separately.

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    If it was a lever action you couldn't remove it, if it can easily be removed then do it, if not why worry, I know plenty of folk who keep bolt in rifle at all times just so they don't get them muddled up or forgotten when going out stalking..... Does it say on your license that bolt and ammo must be stored separatly, if not, don't panic...
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Removing the trigger mechanism and magazine sounds like "reasonable precaution" to me. It's unusable in that state, so you could "reasonably" claim that it ticks that box.

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    These layers of security really annoy me. It is bordering on paranoia.

    The only secure thing is not to have a gun in the first place.

    Even if you dismantle the gun to the last nut and bolt and store every part of the mechanism in a separate safe, the only burglar you are protecting it from is the one who does not have the time to deal with each delay. You only need one burglar to have the time, and they collect a complete gun….

    What scenario is any more "reasonable" than keeping your entire gun under lock and key in one cabinet?

    If you put everything into a number of safes, I think you are "unreasonably" adding to your inconvenience of accessing the gun every time you take it out. And those hours of wasted time and effort are expended purely in order to possibly delay a burglar by a few more minutes, on the off chance that you are burgled, and the even remoter chance that he is interested in guns in a locked cabinet and not your telly which just need unplugging.


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    On the other hand....
    if you have a rifle you must also have a separate safe for the ammo. Therefore 2 separate secure locations which you would be accessing in order to go out shooting. If a part of your rifle is readily removable, why not remove it and store it with the ammo? It would surely be more secure that way.
    just my thoughts though, everyone must do,as they feel appropriate.

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    i keep my rifle with bolt and trigger group in place within my gun cabinet.

    always have.

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    My R8 stays in the cabinet with the bolt on, the trigger unit separate, with the ammo. I think is reasonable enough.

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    This is all getting silly next people will have a stock cabinet, a barrel cabinet and an ammo and trigger cabinet get real

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickie View Post
    This is all getting silly next people will have a stock cabinet, a barrel cabinet and an ammo and trigger cabinet get real
    I just leave the bolts in my rifles as there is no need to store them separately.
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