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    Geco Ammunition

    Can anyone give me details of what calibres & bullet weights Geco ammunition is available in?

    I've used Google but drawn a blank...

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    they do 105sp in .243. i have half a box (12 rounds) that i'm not likely to use that you can have if you want to try them out

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    Apparently if you email RWS, they'll send you the leaflet.

    Oddly, though, the Swarovski on-line ballistics calculator http://ballisticprograms.swarovskiop...S-Plex_en.html that one uses to do the sums for the fancy TDS-reticles has a database with the GECO loads on.

    My .308 loves the 170grain round-nose, and at 21 a box, they seem very good value for money.

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    Thanks for the replies - I will e-mail RWS for the leaflet. I really want to know if they produce any 7x64 or 7mm08.

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    Call Joe at East Barnet Gunshop. He sells GECO for RUAG UK. I'm sure he'll be able to tell you what they make in addition to .243 and .308.

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    The data on the Swaro link suggest a 7x64 165gr soft round-nose load and a 7x64 target load.

    Unsurprisingly perhaps for a European budget-priced line, no 7mm-08 is apparent.

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