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Thread: The perfect hunting jacket

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    The perfect hunting jacket

    I was just wondering what you guys use as your main hunting/shooting jacket? Should be good in fall. Please tell what you got and why you like it

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    That jacket does exist unfortunately your dog is wearing it!

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    Haven't got one , but I would like to try the deerhunter recon jacket , and the deerhunter recon stormliner jacket for warmer days

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    I like to give ol' Flicker Tail a sporting chance in the Autumn:

    Vintage Wool Buffalo Plaid Lumberjack Hunting Jacket Vintage 1950s Red Black | eBay

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    Q Vipa
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    The surplus windproof smock in whatever version best takes your fancy for between 10 - 30 depending on how well you buy. Add the surplus goretex liner jacket for use in very wet weather and you have the ideal clothing system for stalking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan_Terrier View Post
    I'm a big fan of my Arktis Smock.
    Live got one of these. I keep all my stalking gear in the pockets and use it all year round, just change what layers I wear underneath it depending on the weather/climate.

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    I've recently switched to a German army flecktarn jacket with warm layers under it and it's been great so far. No more soaking from sweat while on the move (as it is always the case for me when wearing membrane) and it keeps you warm when you're stationary. Plenty of pockets, underarm zips for ventilation, lightweight and if I ruin it I'll get another one for 30.
    I use merino base layers with Italian and British surplus midlayers. The whole set up cost me less than 100 (got the merino at a huge discount though) and all the layers can fit into a small rucksack to be pulled out as and when required.

    As the days are getting colder, I do, however, wonder if I need to get more warm layers, so will be grateful for any advice on what warm layers to get.

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    +2 for the Arktis smock as Nun Hunter said just vary your layers ,that big pocket hold all your stuff easily
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