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Thread: Kammo kodiak

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    Kammo kodiak

    Well having got one now 12 years old me thinks it could be time for another DPM coat.
    The thing is it has always leaked, it went back and they said it wasn't faulty but it carried on leaking.
    I use it in the summer and it is just shower proof if kept nikwaxed.
    My mate bought a slight second from the gamefair about 10 years ago and his has never leaked.
    The point is the coat is quiet well designed and basically bomb proof in construction.
    I have many coats in all guises realtree and mossy oak etc but like DPM for summer.
    Should I buy another and hope this one doesn't leak.
    What are your findings with this coat/firm.

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    Had mine for around 15 years...leaked from day one. Sent it back, they said it was fine...still leaked, didn't use it after that.

    These days I'm using Buffalo and Harkila Pro Hunter gear and will not be changing any time soon.

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    Waterproof garment have come on ten fold since the days of Kammo gear, Seeland, Deerhunter and Harkila do all sorts of jackets and trousers to suit all budgets.

    I have a Harkila Pro Hunter suit, top quality but its not cheap, I also have a few Seeland jackets, some of which are waterproof, they wont have the durability of the Harkila stuff but very good all the same.

    A Kammo would last me 2 years back in the day of stalking in Caithness, the elbows were out of them in no time.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Bought the Kammo Super Kodiak about 8 years ago, wanted it especially for highland hill stalking, i found if the weather was god then it was just to warm a jacket to wear, i also had the inside cuff rip after about a year. Saying this i take it everytime i go. If the weather is cold or wet its fantastic, its always kept me warm and dry. If sitting in a high seat for a lengh of time in the cold then this is the jacket i use.

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    If you want a year round jacket you are better going for something like the deerhunter i have.It has a series of different liners in it that are removable so it can be stripped right down in the summer and beefed right up in the winter

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickjgardner View Post
    If you want a year round jacket you are better going for something like the deerhunter i have.It has a series of different liners in it that are removable so it can be stripped right down in the summer and beefed right up in the winter
    For Summer your better just visiting your local ex army store and get a light weight German Flectan cammo and just carry a USA waterproof poncho in your Roe sack in case it rains.

    All these modern materials dont even come anywhere close in respect to quiteness in use compared to military cotton I have tried the lot.
    They also do them in gortex but i would shy clear of them as they make to much noise for me.
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    I had one it leaked, same story, factory said it was fine. Had a Sport Chief saddle cloth long jacket for donkeys years, worked in it, stalked in it, wild fowled in it, been an overnight dog bed, beaten cement dust out of it and still it won't leak. Kammo want's to wise up to the expectations on someone paying a weeks wage on an item of clothing. And charging extra for a hood really pissed me off.

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    i have two bloody heavy when wet and they take a week to dry ,use them on cold days now ,swazi in the wet .the swazi will in dry in a few hours and does not hold water.

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    I have one with a hood i bought 15 years ago... only used it twice... too heavy to shoot in and i now use layers rather than the Kammo continental style duvet. 400 all in and thats not on for a very inferior coat that is only any good for sitting in a hide with.

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    Thanks lads
    I have Harkila windstopper for warm weather.
    A saddlecloth for middling weather and a deerhunter 3 layer for very cold weather.
    I also have ex army for very mild weather.
    As first stated I want a DPM jacket for spring/summer use but able to turn rain and thunder storms, liked the design of the cammo but will definetly not get another now.
    Remember a DPM jacket breathable but quiet and waterproof any recomendations. DONT WANT ANY NEW PATTERNS OF CAMMO OR GREEN.

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