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Thread: Yellowstone programme

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    Yellowstone programme

    Very good programme on BBC4 at the moment about Yellowstone. Well worth a look if it's on iplayer.

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    Interesting the difficult history of getting to where it now is - particularly the expulsion of the native indians,. Very telling the view that the wildlife had to be 'sanitised' for the tourists and only lately has the truly wild nature of the place been permitted. I wasnt aware that it was the only place that buffalo were able to roam freely, following the great plains massacre of the beasts. I often wonder whether the loss of the buffalo was a local necessity (farming) a commercial necessity (making money) or simply a means to subdue the native plains indians who relied on it so greatly.

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    A wonderful place to visit but it is a bit sanitized for the public.
    I was often in Yosemite last year and the coyotes were always to see in the same place at the same time so I reckoned the rangers were baiting them into a viewing position for us grockles.

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