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Thread: Spray paint a gun stock

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    Spray paint a gun stock

    Has anyone ever sprayed plastic gun stock if so what's the best cheerscheers

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    The issue is getting an adequate key to keep it on there. Many stocks have been Duracoated or Cerakoted successfully - but the coatings are only as hard as the underlying substance.
    Talk to Jay at Tactical Coatings in Hereford as a local Cerakote supplier for advice.
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    The only ones I find any good for plastics are those water based ones intended for automotive use, specifically the painting of motorcycle fairings and other plastic parts. Not cheap at 40/litre, but if you have access to a spray gun, they'll do the job fine. Unlike acrylic based paints which will readily crack and flake off, water based paints have a more durable and flexible final finish and bond very readily to plastic parts. Just use a good plastic primer after degreasing the stock and the automotive ones will work fine.

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    Search the forum here, as there are some detailed exchanges with links on How-To videos on YouTube and elsewhere.

    The keys are to wash the stock thoroughly to degrease its exterior, and to use a paint made for plastics, such as Krylon spray paints made for lawn furniture and for the military, in the camo colors.

    Then you need to think backwards if you use patterns, whether purchased masking or sticks and leaves as masks. What I mean here is, that if you want a leave shape in green, you spray a spot there, then when it is dry, you cover it with the leaf and spray with the surrounding color, like brown.

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    Thanks alot chaps

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    I had my .243 sprayed at tactical coatings and jay did a great job.

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