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Thread: PH 'standard issue' BRNO? Clarification please

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    Question PH 'standard issue' BRNO? Clarification please

    In late 2008, I posed the question, under Rifles and Calibre Review Responses included Post references to BRNO being a preferred manufacturer for 'standard issue' rifles to PHs and/or the PH preference. I had the answer I wanted at that time (or thought I had) but am now, over a year later, able and intending to make the purchase and seek further clarification. I've tagged the gist of the following question to the earlier above referred to string but, now that acquisition of a 'big game' rifle is imminent, this particular Forum may be better placed to answer the outstanding query:

    What is the PH 'standard issue' BRNO or is the standard issue really a CZ?
    I've found a CZ550 Safari Magnum ("known as the 602 BRNO" - and the CZ Magnum Express Or is there another rifle by BRNO themselves, such as the BRNO Zastava, that is being referred to. I'm going for a 0.375 H&H Magnum, in case that influences the response.

    Many thanks in advance

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    May I suggest that you talk to someone like Ron Wharton From Rigbys:-

    Tel 01293 871453

    Fax 01293 871379

    He has plenty of Safari experience and in building and preparing rifles including Brnos for safari. He is a straight talker too and an all round nice Gent . of course it helps that he is used to shipping rifles and ammuntion to far flung places such as Africa too.

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    this is a brno 602 / cz550
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    You could always have a chat with Paul Roberts.

    He builds all sorts of rifles and has shot most things himself so should be able to speak from experience.

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