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Thread: Aberdeen Council to cull deer

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    Aberdeen Council to cull deer

    Aye aye - seems Aberdeen City Council is back in the spot light for proposing another roe deer cull.

    Wonder who the lucky stalkers will be as it seems to mention local stalkers?
    Yet again PETA seem to get it wrong with the assumptions they have made but it didn't stop them from stating them!!


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    This will not be a stalker this will be a lamp man again. The last upset was caused because Aberdeen council used a friend of the staff who was not trained in dealing with deer in high populated areas and because of this he brought the whole thing crashing down.

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    It's slow news in Aberdeen again clearly haha. The place is riddled with Roe and the misinformation printed spouted by PETA is as to be expected and anti's with no knowledge of the requirement for deer control. If you know the area and the surrounding schemes I reckon the deer have more chance of some of the 'locals' running dogs on them than getting culled by the 'marksmen' stated.

    Don't know that the 'local stalkers' would be that lucky, sounds like they'll use contractors until they achieve the target and then have someone local to potter away thereafter. I'm pretty sure if the council is giving anyone local permission to cull they will have to have all the relevant tickets and be on the fit and competent register etc.

    To be fair, the 'Gramps', of which Tullos hill is part of, has a large proportion which is walked and used by the effectively three housing schemes and industrial estates that surround it with numerous footpaths (which locals don't stick to). Personally I wouldn't do it but it might suit some; to be fair the deer are that used to seeing people they would probably be pretty soft to go at for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    This will not be a stalker this will be a lamp man again. The last upset was caused because Aberdeen council used a friend of the staff who was not trained in dealing with deer in high populated areas and because of this he brought the whole thing crashing down.
    Nae like Aberdeen city council 6pointer haha. I wasn't aware they had lamped it but then again didn't pay much attention to the fuss last time. With the amount of folk going about at all hours up there it's certainly a tricky one to manage. The good thing is there are plenty of backstops but the thought of being badgered whilst trying to cull by some of the locals would put me off.

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    How do PETA get away with spouting ignorant pi5h like that!?

    That's the kinda thing we need to start pouncing on and correcting .... Media in this country is shocking ....,why let truth or fact spoils good story


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    Sauer so what is the truth mate because you can only call it a lie if you know whats what.? I would like to here it. Mick there was a lamp and out of season on that ground mate but I did not get the full facts. But SNH track record regards doing things proper and following there own guide lines is not that good.

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    “Deer are culled by shooting, and using sharpshooters increases the likelihood that animals will bolt and collide with vehicles.
    “What’s more, if they’re shot, many will endure horrific, lingering deaths because it can be difficult to get a clear shot, meaning many will escape, only to bleed to death.”

    I believe this is the sort of p**h Sauer is referring to.

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    I blame George, he needs to get out more lol
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    If the shot and placement is correct then unconsciousness and death will be swift ,
    If they are using responsible stalkers or even " trained" stalkers then if a clear shot isn't on then they won't shoot !

    Using sharp shooters increases the animals to bolt

    So the load of Joe public & dog walkers that apparently use that area already don't spook deer ?

    6pointer I think your assuming that I agree with this cull?
    I never said anything regarding wether or not I support it ....
    But surely you can see the pish that PETA are spouting ? Is not fact and kind of crap that spoon fed to the public that does us & rest of shooting fraternity no good and needs to be corrected

    What's your views on this?


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    Just heard the local radio and a woman from the 'save the Tullos deer group' or something speaking on the news saying that they should be looking at non lethal methods of control (don't know what she has in mind there), the council is having a meeting about it in the next few days......... That will sort it right out I'm sure lol.

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