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Thread: Roe Deer

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    Roe Deer

    I am still seeing bucks with there winter coats & in full velvet.
    Wondering if anybody else is finding the same on there ground.
    Located near Loch Lomond.


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    yep!....perthshire and the borders last weekend, shot one in velvet and winter coat (young buck) and saw a couple of others in velvet. And in the borders i saw one in velvet and shot a middle aged beast clean but in loose winter coat.

    i reckon the rut may well be a tad later this year the does in the north especially will most likeley of delayed embryonic growth a little longer to accommodate for the lack of feeding due to the hard weather.



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    I was out this Morning and see a very nice buck still in velvet, But i have also seen clean bucks, I am located in Norfolk.

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    Were all clean even yearlings and they all look scruffy as shedding coats must be a shock as it was bloody freezing this morning.

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    Down here in Hampshire they are starting to change - everything has been looking scruffy for the last couple of weeks. I saw a mature roe doe in immaculate winter coat only last Wednesday. I think we are still some time off seeing full summer coats.
    Some of the big bucks have been clean for a few weeks now, but most yearlings are still in full velvet and still not showing much sign of cleaning.

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    Whent out on my ground last week got in to about 40m from a good mature buck still in winter coat & no sign of any fraying on the antlers.
    This is the same buck that gave me the run-around last year, stick out rifle ready safety off got it in the sights. Safety back on took my head off the stalk & watched it for about 5 min till he finale realised somthing was up & he took off into the trees.

    Will get him later when he is in better condition that wood have been my first buck of the year maybe next time.


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    Yep, young bucks still in velvet and all still mainly winter jacketed (I reckon they are at least 2 weeks behind, Galloways and Lancs)

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    last week aberdeen two young bucks seen both velvet, one was minute. spoke to a mate about his general size and stature and he reckons fluke..... shame . by god he was small though a wee umpa lumpa ha ha of a deer. seen lots by the road in aberfeldy perth etc most if not all in velvet still.... shot one two weeks ago west lothian clean as.. seems to be the luck of the draw or even how much cover they have found during winter

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    I shoot halfway between Loch Lomond and Stirling and the bucks I've seen are still winter coated and velvet.


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    decided to try the new section 1 shotty out this morning, slung up a cammo screen and sat down for a few hours to see what was about, needless to say not a shot was taken (and i was hoping to bash out all 8 in under 2 secs)! however i did see two wonderful brown hares boxing away about 15 ft away from me and then promptly followed by a roe buck in vevet and winter coat, he appeared about 8 ft away from me, came through the fence, had a little browse, came and had a sniff of the cammo netting, sat down in the grass (no more than 20 ft away) and chewed the cud for about 20 mins. he then carried on about his browsing and wondered off without a care in the world. a truly great expierence.

    so decided to try again in a different area this evening, same thing, up with the net, sat back and waited, and would you believe it, the same buck appeared again! not so close this time but still within 50ft of me. a truly great day. but still not a shot fired with my shotty! grr.

    Skipp. a late rut is looking very likeley!

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