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Thread: Steyr Mannlicher "M" (.270) Ammunition weight?

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    Steyr Mannlicher "M" (.270) Ammunition weight?

    Do any of you guys use a Steyr Mannlicher model M in .270 and if so what weight of ammumition do you find suits your rifle best please?
    The reason I am asking is because I will be pick up a Mannlicher M in .270 very shortly (As soon as my variation comes back) and would like to get an idea of what weight of ammunition might suit it best.
    At the moment I am using a Parker Hale Safari (.270) and it is pretty accurate (And cheap to feed) with PPU 130g soft points. Much of the shooting I do with the .270 is Park and Farm Deer Culling (Mainly head shots out to about 100 yrads) but I also use it for a bit of Roe Stalking (Heart and Lung shots) and of course the occasional Fox that is stupid enough to show itself in my crosshairs (A bit of overkill I know, but dead is dead and they don't get up after being hit with a .270)
    I don't currently reload my own ammunition, I used to for my .222 and .243 but would rather not start down the reloading road again unless it is absolutely necessary.
    I fully realise that what suits one rifle might not suit another but a generalisation would be helpful as a guide/starting point from Mannlicher (Especially Model M) users would be appreciated.

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    Hello FrenchieBoy. Before I started reloading I tried a load of different Federal and Remington factory rounds in my Steyr Mannlicher Classic in 7mm-08, with a 20" barrel. The Remingtons all gave awful results, but all the Federals were very good (Fusion, Power Shok and Vital Shok) which is probably just reflective of the consistency of the ammunition. The 140gr Nosler BT ones (Vital Shok) had a slight edge, but really there was nothing significant between the Power Shok 150gr (Speer HotCor) and the 140gr Fusions. So there you go, I'd say try the Federals.

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    Steyr Mannlicher 270 130 ppu

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    Geco 130 express 28 a box red hinds didn't like them .

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    I think ppu should be the first try, due to pricing.

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    Do any of you guys use a Steyr Mannlicher model M in .270 and if so what weight of ammumition do you find suits your rifle best please?
    Is yours a rifle or carbine?

    I have a Steyr M Stutzen .270 which I plan to shoot this afternoon, in order to sight it a "new" scope for it. I mostly use the iron sights, as a lightweight woods and field stalking rifle. I will shoot my handloads, but also PPU, Federal, Winchester and Remington in different weights, just to check them against the scope. This Steyr, and my Rem 700 .270, shoot very well with Remington 130-gr Core Lokt ammunition. And they shoot the Remington 150-gr SPT and RN well, too.

    The rate of twist in the rifling is 1:8.6.
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    It's a rifle. Varmint profile.

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    It's a rifle. Varmint profile.


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