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    remington 700

    "scary stuff "

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    This is an old "investigative report", which has been re-edited and replayed from time to time, always in synch with the socialists pushing new gun control.

    Right now, in the USA, billionaire former mayor Bloomberg of NYC is funding ten lawsuits against gun stores and gun manufacturers for "supplying" guns used in murders. One has gone against a gun store who sold a handgun legally to someone who then sold it to a felon who killed a policeman. Another case has gone for the gun store, and they have been awarded $2,000,000 in a countersuit for defamation other technical violations of the rules of evidence.

    Remington had become a pure sporting and law enforcement rifle and shotgun company before DuPont Chemical sold them off to a private group. Now they make 1911A1 pistols ( just as they did during WWII ), and AR-15 style rifles, so they are on the "bad list". They moved out of union-controlled New York and Connecticut to North Carolina, just as Ruger, Winchester, PTR, Bushmaster, Beretta and Magpul have done recently.

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    I can tell you from my own experience that Remington knew of this problem from at least 1977. I know because I returned my 700 BDL to them in 1977, to fix the exact same issue. That said, all the people injured or killed by the faulty safety were resultant of gun mishandling. One of the golden rules of gun safety is that the muzzle of the gun is always pointed in a safe direction. If people or property were injured or destroyed, by definition, the muzzle of the gun was not pointed in a safe direction. Remington screwed up the handling of this problem royally.

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    Yes, Remington did mishandle this problem, but none of the gun makers had media issues so long as they were located in the states of NY and CT, with "gun control" advocates like Chris Dodd in the US Senate. As soon as they moved South, they came under major scrutiny.

    You are right, but no one wants to hear that they were negligent for pointing a rifle at their child, a vehicle or building while cycling the action. I have had a semiauto go off when I dropped the bolt, and a Mauser go off when I closed the bolt, but the shots went into the ground. No fun, but no harm.

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