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Thread: Looking for stalking/mentoring opportunity for novice Kent/Sussex

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    Looking for stalking/mentoring opportunity for novice Kent/Sussex

    I'm looking for an opportunity to start stalking. I have my own gun and deer on my licence. I've been honing my skills on the range for the past year and am confident of my shooting ability but want to move on to stalking. I have no experience and would need a mentor willing to pass on their knowledge and experience to someone who is keen,steady and very reliable. I am waiting for BASC to post 2016 DSC training dates but would like to get started sooner. I live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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    I am sure you will find plenty " Professional Guides" near to you who will take you out.
    That is how I got into it and progressed to stalking alone and then joining a syndicate .
    I am afraid though money is involved as not much for free in this world .
    Good luck

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    Thanks for the post Hogey. I was advised to advertise for a mentor by a guy a I bought a rifle off in Hampshire. He was himself mentoring a novice as part of his own "instructor" qualification. I assumed there will be costs incurred but want to gain proper hands on tutoring that I'm not sure I'd get on a DSC1 course. however, if I am successful in this endeavour, I will still book a course when they're advertised in December (unless advised to the contrary).


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    I suppose anyone can be classed as a mentor who is willing to pass info on.

    If i were you then find a good outfit that offers good stalking and stick with them. I'm sure the guide will be more than happy to teach you the way and get to hopefully grass some deer on the way. But remember stalking is not just about the shooting and dont expect to shoot deer every stalk. I sure most say 3-5 stalks for every deer etc. I for one have done just over 30 stalks with only 12 deer to my name etc.

    Have fun


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    I would recommend sikamalc part owner of this site. He has a concession in sussex. He's up in Sutherland with clients just now and the stalking directory week's stalking which he organises.

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    Thanks for the advise, I hear you loud and clear with regards "stalking". I am deliberately taking things slow as I'm enthusiastic to learn everything I can.


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    Sounds perfect deerpath, I will message sikamalc when I return from Wales in a week.


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    maybe book yourself onto a DSC1 course you will learn the basics in regards to "best Practice" and it will give you a good grounding on what to expect and the safety of a stalk before picking up someone elses bad habits

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    Jolyon2112 please drop me a PM and on my return from the Highlands we can discuss options. I live in south Kent so am not too far away from you.
    I am also running another DSC1 Course in April in West Sussex so you may want to consider joining this as well.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Sikamalc, Thanks for the post. I'll PM my details next week.

    Cheers, Jolyon

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