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Thread: Tikka T3 3 position safety

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    Tikka T3 3 position safety

    Hi All,

    I found an old post about tikka mods that mentioned a 3-position safety mod that locks the pin.

    Has anybody installed this on their t3? How easy is the installation and how good is the replacement safety? Reliable? Easy to operate?
    From the video on the website (I don't speak German) the safety replacement seems reasonably easy and if the new safety locks the pin rather than the trigger, it looks like a very good investment of 100.

    Can anyone give some feedback on these?

    Thank you.

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    Andreas gave me one of these a while back which I misplaced, thankfully just found it again.
    The three pos firing pin safety seems almost a must with German hunters. Some will not use a T3 without.....
    I know that some had issues fitting this safety and ASH once explained to me that some tolerances in the T3's bolt changed. Eventually they all seemed
    to work. I will hopefully get my T3 back from re-barrelling next week and will try fitting mine. I am meeting a German fella tomorrow who just recently fitted his two T3's with these, I'll ask him also.
    Either way, I have quite a good contact to ASH if you would need help.

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    Thank you ejg.

    I'm just cautious to remove the factory safety and replace it with aftermarket stuff, so looking for some feedback. However, I understand that locking the pin is a lot safer, so keen to upgrade.

    The installation video makes sense, but I can't understand the trick with the paper between the trigger and the bolt - what is that for?

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    I just looked at the video, he didn't explain it exactly. Apparently it is vital that the two surfaces separate when the safety is on. I am pretty sure the reason for this is that if you pull the trigger in the safe position...then let go of the trigger again that surface must be able to go back to the original position. If there were no play the one surface would stop short and the rifle would fire upon putting the safety into the firing position (without pulling the trigger). This is similar when adjusting a Mauser 98 safety as far as I remember.

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    I bought one of these because, being a leftie, operating e RH safety is a PITA.
    Fitting wasn't straightforward, there was a discrepancy with the firing pin. It wouldn't let the safety engage fully and made the shroud very tight within the bolt channel. A trip to the gunsmith remedied that. Operayion was easy and functioned as designed when in use. So alls well then? well, NO.

    I was eager to try it out so didn't bother to remove the factory safety and because it was functioning properly I left alone. Which turned out to be a massive stroke of luck because one afternoon while a dealer friend was operating the safety the lever popped straight out of the unit. I can only guess that a retaining pin failed and a spring and ball bearing was lost. Not a great endorsement

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    I Just fitted one of these ASH 3 position safeties. I noticed the surface quality on a part of the firing pin nut was not great which led to a tight fit. I polished this slightly with a dremel rubber polish bit and the safety went on without a problem. Once running right I think this is a fantastic product. I just spoke to Andreas owner of ASH who designed and built the 3 pos safety for the T3 asking how it could be that James Deere had a part come off. Andreas said the little grub screw that sits in the side of the lever must have been adjusted quite a lot. This grub screw then allows the lever to be pushed further and if screwed out quite far the lever can be removed.
    I did not need to touch the grub screw on mine.
    Replacing and adjusting the safety is in my opinion something one must understand, if not rather let someone who does, fit it. The principle of this safety is very similar to a Mauser safety.


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