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Thread: Breakfree CLP shelf life.

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    Breakfree CLP shelf life.

    Hi guys, I have come across a 3/4 full bottle of breakfree CLP that I purchased as a teenager in the early eighties, so it would be at least 30 years old. I used to use it at the time on my air rifles. I was wondering if Breakfree has a usable shelf life. It contains PTFE particles in suspension and needs a good shake before use but I wonder if its effectiveness diminishes with time. As far as I recall this stuff used to be one of the best products on the market at the time.

    I have many other modern cleaning and lubricating oils but just wondered if this oil would still be effective for use on shotguns and firearms.

    Your views would be appreciated.
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    I'm still using a bottle of CLP that is at least fifteen years old, I only use one or two drops at a time. It still seems to do the job. I have some Youngs '303' that must be over twenty five years old!

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