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Thread: Land Rover Lightweight

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    Land Rover Lightweight

    Any one know the where abouts or have a ex Army Land Rover Light weight project laying around

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    A bit thin on the ground now.

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    When I purchased mine, back in the day, it was from Keith Gott and great fun it was too. Only thing I didn't like was the Q plate.

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    How much of a project are you after?

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    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    Pm me a Price and a few pictures and see what we can work out.

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    have you been on witham specialist vehicles

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    Nick thank you but, I'm looking for a project

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    there few and far apart but they are there! my father bought a project, well shall we say a rot bucket (he is a welder by trade) of ebay last year series 2 v8 lightweight! even harder to find for drum roll please......800! bearing mind we are oxford he had to go to the scottish borders! a game keeper had it and just left it tucked up under some trees since the 80's

    there is a show locally too us that has them for sale will ring my father tonight and get a name of it and pm you

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