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Thread: MIL/MIL FFP scopes?

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    MIL/MIL FFP scopes?

    After trying a bit of longer range target stuff recently, I quite fancy getting a scope where I can click elevation/windage, or use repeatable holds, as all my current scopes are with closed turrets, and normal hunting type reticles.

    Ideally I'd like something that can be dual purpose (i.e. both range work and stalking). Does anyone here use a scope like this for stalking?

    At present I'm looking at the Vortex PST scopes and some of the IOR models. Any advice or recommendations?


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    I like the Vortex PST scopes with FFP reticles. I also have a Bushnell Tactical FFP which is great but at full mag the "Christmas tree" reticle is a little thick for very precise aiming at small targets. The Vortex scopes are the opposite: reticle is very fine in most cases.

    I have no experience of the IOR, though I've heard good things.

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    As with any optics get the best you can afford and if you decide to change later on sell it and you should get most of your money back.

    If you work in metric them get mils/cm as you mentioned, MOA will just do your head in and vice versa, just be sure to have a reticle that matches your clicks.
    Depending on how big and how far away your targets are will determine how much mag you need, 16 to 24 is good for 800m or more and can be turned down to x6 for woodland stalking.

    I have one of these on my everyday stalking/varmint rifle and apart from being a bit big and heavy I can't fault it, whether I am shooting magpies at 300m or fallow at 20m. Zeiss Victory FL Diavari 6-24 x 56 T* - For Sale (Free Adverts for Private Secondhand Items only) - UK Varminting

    Everyone has their own idea of what is best just like a "which caliber" thread.

    Try to play with some ffp and sfp scopes to see what you prefer then pick one and go shoot some stuff.

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    Problem is that the really good scopes are quite expensive. I tried one of the cheaper FFP scopes and sold it again quickly before others cop on...
    In second focal plane I think zeiss conquest or meopta meopro are good and make for lightweight long range scopes.
    High end tactical FFP scopes are heavy but very reliable combined with good features and good glass. I have had great shooting with my Kahles 624i both stalking and target / long range plinking.
    For my new T3 lightweight tactical rifle I will try out the new (ish) 3-20x50 PMII S&B Ultra short. With a mag range from 3 upwards it should make a fantastic stalking scope and it is lighter, shorter, smaller than the 6-24 or 5-25 versions. Also has low turrets....

    The IOR's I looked at in the past were very heavy but had great glass.


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    I have a preference for 2nd focal plane scopes as I find the crosshairs on a FFP (1st focal plane) are too fine at low magnification and too thick at high mag.
    Just my personal gripe.
    The Vortex scopes Viper and Razor are very good but also very heavy. I stick to Zeiss.

    I second the advice to stick to Mil rads in metric. I can estimate in feet and yds but trying to do range calculations in MOA in my head, I need a panadol and a lie down afterwards.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. I reckon my budget can stretch to max £1000 which I suppose will cut my options a fair bit.

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    Mildot scopes were developed for the military not for hold over but for range estimation, then using knobs for ranges over, say 400 yards. Normally, they are set for 10x, but you can use a variable power scope and just know the difference. For example, the dots are about 3.6 MOA at 10x, so they are 4.0 at 9x, 6.0 at 6x. 5 dots across someone's shoulders is about 100 yards. The Bushnell 10x40mm is an inexpensive, quality scope to get used to the system, with nice knobs. The 6500 is much larger and more powerful, with a nice sized reticle, fine enough. I prefer a finer reticle and FFP, because the dots are bold and are going to get you centered up on the target quickly.

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    Sub-£1000 I'd go for a Vortex PST. I have the 6-24x50 EBR1 MRAD model and am very happy with it, though probably the 4-16 version is more of an all-rounder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan_Terrier View Post
    Thanks for the replies guys. I reckon my budget can stretch to max £1000 which I suppose will cut my options a fair bit.

    IOR then SFP

    BUT they are very heavy scopes and you need over size rings to factor in to the cost my 6-26 IOR is near 3lbs with rings

    Meopta SFP 6-24 is a bit lighter and more std 30mm rings

    Just get the Turrets to match the Reticule for an easy life and good scopes like the Meopta and IOR match the Mils to the Zoom range ie its Mil spacing ar 12x on the 6-24 ranges therefore on an SFP its 2 mil spacings at 6x (and the half mil space is now 1mil ) and 0.5mil spacing at 24x (the half mill space is now 0.25Mil )
    so its very quick to dial teh Mils just wind to the number or aim off with teh mils ret
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