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Thread: Red currant jelly recipes wanted

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    Red currant jelly recipes wanted

    Not venison , but goes well with venison!

    Just found a pile o red currants in freezer ...
    Never made a jelly before , anyone got a " cheats" or,easy recipe for red currant jelly?


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    Heat the currants gently (no water) until a mush, but don't boil. Strain through muslin, but a fine sieve will do. 1 lb sugar to 1 pint liquid, make sure the sugar is dissolved, then boil until it hits jelly on the thermometer. If no thermom, then boil 5 mins, remove from heat and put a teaspoon of jelly onto a cold plate (i.e. been in fridge). Pop it back in the fridge for a minute or so and then push a finger through it. If it wrinkles, it's set. Jam jars through the dishwasher and then dried in oven to sterilise.

    To be honest, set or not set doesn't matter much if it is for adding to gravy, it all tastes the same. Avoid over boiling as the sugar can caramelise and tastes burnt. You can increase yield by pushing the mush through the sieve, but it can make the jelly cloudy, but this won't matter unless you are entering the local WI competition!

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    +1 for Buchan's recipe. Redcurrants are naturally high in pectin so it is easy to get it to set. Good luck!

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    not how to make redcurrant jelly but a use, great with venison!

    when you cook you fave cut of venison in a pan place venison to side and deglaze the pan with a knob of butter once all the goodness has been stired of bottom of pan add a tablespoon of redcurrant jelly and half cup of boiled water, bring to a rolling boil and taste season to taste another option to thicken is to add a teaspoon of bisto try it!

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    Rowan jelly also goes well with venison full of pectin so easy to get to set, plenty Rowans about make it as a jelly
    in it's own right or mix with red currants, apple and Rowan jelly is also a nice accompaniment.

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