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Thread: How did everyone start or get into stalking?

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    How did everyone start or get into stalking?

    Having probably come across as a arse in previous post I'm gunna slow it down a bit.....

    how did everyone start to get involved in stalking? Mine was from I was 16 just started a chefs apprenticeship and the owners father of the buisness I worked for a deer stalker and noticed I enjoyed cooking game as venison so he offered to take me out taught me a little bit was the mentor of my liecence before he became ill so now at 23 having to start all over again. So people how did you guys get involved?

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    Moved to the new forest, where deer were a major problem on the dairy farm I worked, to see 100+ fallow in a field at night was no problem, they were the good old days, as we said "the quick and dead"

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    Been ferreting fishing etc since I could walk couple of keepers as family friends started shooting under supervision at about ten then started stalking at 18 I think had a great guy who was very knowledgeable to show me the ropes , still apparently experiance isn't what counts these days just bits of paper you can show off .....
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Its been just over two years since I decided I'd like to have a serious go at getting into shooting and stalking, having been interested for a long while but having never had any relatives or contacts in the shooting "world".
    I was very lucky to get a place on the SD bursary to do DSC1 and even luckier to get an invitation off a member to go out with him and try for my first deer (which was a fantastic day and ended in a successful shot at a munty).
    I booked a couple of paid outings with a guide I could afford, and had another generous invitation from a different member who had helped me out with some stuff for my dog. (another great evening and a Roebuck shot, who's skull is now in my "man cave")
    Applied for my FAC and bought a 270 off a member here. Bought a shotgun shortly afterwards.
    More paid outings (and a fair few free returns to the same chap after blanking) and a couple of fallow shot. Brought home my first carcasses and taught myself from a book how to butcher them (badly!)
    A couple of lessons at clay pigeons, I've booked my first small driven day for December with my first duck flight afterwards.
    Recently bought a 22 and am in the early stages of maybe getting my own little bit of pest control.
    Throughout all this I've met and dealt with a lot of members on the forum whilst buying, selling, booking stalks or just socially. Every one of the members I've met was helpful and friendly in the extreme, and as I've learnt a bit and garnered little bits of knowledge I've tried to be the same way. I've also had some free kit off generous people and kept up the spirit by passing it on or giving away other stuff when I've been able.

    If you want to get started, I'd say your best bet is to pay for a few trips, it needn't cost the earth, and remember that you don't need much kit (even a rifle!) when you first start out. You'll soon be on the way and even if like me you can't get out as much as you might like or as locally as you'd like, you'll find that once you have a few bookings to look forward to it won't bother you so much!
    See my blog for - My kindly sponsored DSC1 course and chart my progress from deer virgin to stalking veteran
    AND my new puppy progress DIARY

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    Grew up in remoter parts of Africa. It was where meat came from.

    Started shooting pigeons and guinea fowl from 8 (with air rifle, rather than shotgun), moved on to rabbits and small ungulates (dik dik, duiker, steenbok) at 10 or 11. 'Helped' my father and others on larger game hunts - including a few memorable occasions when my father had to do problem animal control hunts on elephants in farmland. Shot first plains game (springbok and gemsbok) at 15. Been involved in culling of various herd species on and off ever since.

    When I moved to the UK, I was determined to find a way to carry on. Only took 15 years and a move to Scotland to finally get a small roe deer permission and start working up from there. Turns out roe and fallow are a hell of a lot tastier than most African game!

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    My family have been hunters for generations, both here in the UK and in Germany. So I was going out stalking with my father (and still do about once a week) from a very young age probably 5 or 6 years old. My father got me shooting with an air rifle at that age and quickly was able to hit most targets where I wanted to hit them. At the age of 7 I went out and shot my first ever animal, a small rabbit. I remember crawling across the ground after this thing until I was about 25 yards away, and using the open sites I shot it in the eye. After that I wanted to start using bigger rifles and ended up shooting my first yearling fallow doe when I was 10 years old with a 243 when I was abroad with the family. From then I regularly went out shooting and at the age of 15 I got my FAC with my father being my mentor. At 17 when I passed my driving test I got an open ticket and now at nearly 28 years old I'm still going out at least once a week and absolutely love it.

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    Progression from rabbit and fox control on local farms, Muntjac started to become more apparent and cause problems so was asked to keep numbers down. Wanting to do the right thing booked on DSC1 course etc and was soon hooked!!

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    Grouse beating on the Braes of Doune at 14 with peat haggs 12' deep and never in my life so glad to see a Land Rover waiting for us. That never put me off but my best mates dad had a farm in the days when nothing was out of season and everything went in the pot.
    No ipads or playstations for Christmas then just a ferret in a box and half a dozen purse nets. Shotgun certificate from the PO and off i went.

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    Grew up with guns i the house, Grandad, Dad, uncles and cousins from my dad side, they all been into stalking/hunting.

    Shot my first wild boar at the age of 12, with my dad's Bohler Rasant double rifle 9.3X74 R.

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    I started out shooting my dads air rifle in the back garden pretty much as soon as I was old enough to hold it!

    Took up clay pigeon shooting when I was about 12-13 years old, and then target rifle shortly afterwards and ended up competing in national competitions while I was at school.

    The target rifle got parked for a while when I went travelling and then lived in London but I started that back up about a year or so ago, though I always kept the clays going.

    I'd been thinking about deer stalking for ages as I had a school master that did it but never really taken the leap. So I joined up here a few months ago and started learning as much as I could, asking questions and so on, and had a few PMs from other members here as well.

    One of those PMs resulted in my recent weekend away with GAP180 (the write up is in the write ups forum here if you fancy a read!) which was brilliant - I had a cracking time and took my first two fallow bucks! Highly recommended!

    I also managed to book some stalking with Malc (sikamalc, one of the site co-owners) for December and Feb next year, and now I'm looking to do my DSC1 early next year and will be getting my FAC application in the post shortly!

    Once I have those two bits of paper sorted I'll start casting around for local permissions as well as keeping up with the paid excursions. It'd be great to have something local to be able to pop out for a morning but I had such a laugh doing a full weekend with other like minded lads that I wouldnt want to stop doing that side of it hehe!

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