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    Hi all I'm looking for recommendations on a good set of thermals ready for the winter ahead. I will be mainly using them for stalking and the occasional fishing trip. Don't mind paying for quality as long as it's not silly money. Any help and advice of what you folk find good, practical and warm would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Sidney

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    Merino wool is the way to go. Icebreaker are amongst the best in my opinion (Mens Base Layers | Merino Wool Thermals | Icebreaker), however if you don't want to pay quite that much Mountain Warehouse do their own brand which are quite good, although their wool blend isn't as high quality, at a reasonable price (Mens Merino Wool Base Layers | Mountain Warehouse

    A good mix on brands can be found at Cotswold Outdoor and I highly recommend them, their customer service is excellent:
    Unisex; Male | Cotswold Outdoor

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    I got the icebreaker base and mid layers a few years ago and have been very impressed especially when you are trapped in a highseat on a January morning.

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    I've just bought a couple of lastest issue army surplus base layer thermal tops and trousers. For when it's really cold sitting in a high seat, I've got a german army tank drivers thermal suit thats brilliant under my bib and brace.

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    +3 on the merino...keep an eye on for one of their many flash can save a bundle on top class Scandi merino kit [I know I have]

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    +4 on the merino
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    I have under armour cold gear, they're pretty good.
    Only heard good things about the Icebreaker kit.

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    Hi Sidney
    Great question. In essence it depends what you are doing.
    Quick rule of thumb: Price point = warmth level when sedentary. Polyester with will be around 20 for a top or Long Johns, holds onto roughly say 20% moisture, so you need to keep active to dry it off. Merino etc is great but its main function is to keep your skin at 36 degrees and performs totally differently to polyester, polyamide etc.
    We cover off more on our blog, which you might find useful
    Rugged s Blog: Base Layers

    All the best
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    I'm starting to experiment with different layers this year and so far Merino is the best. Feels great, controls the temperature, looks great, doesn't smell too bad.
    It seems that with merino you only cry once - when you're paying for it.
    My current set up is merino next to skin and army surplus synthetics on top of it.

    Since we're discussing base layers here, I've tried a set of "compression thermals" and it looks like their purpose is to keep you cool rather than warm? I was freezing in them despite the extra mid-layers that I had over them. This has never happened with merino or synthetic base layers before...
    Mens and Boys PowerLayer Compression Performance Thermal Base Layer Set Top + Tights - Black Top + Black Tights L: Sports Outdoors

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