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Thread: Multi vehicle insurance

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    Multi vehicle insurance

    Can anybody recommend a decent insurance broker? I currently have my pick up and my partners car on the same policy with us both fully comprehensive on both vehicles. This is the kind of cover that I would like to continue with.
    Any recommendations much appreciated as my current brokers prices have been rising each year so time for a change.


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    I have used brokers for two years then tried Admiral for a multicar and took 30% off the top for same cover.
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    +1 for admiral. Same set up here, wife and I insured on each other's cars and worked out much cheaper than separate policies.
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    Another recommendation for Admiral.

    Two high-score insurance rated cars for Mrs Eyefor & I were really well priced (fully comp, with Business use) compared to separate policies with other insurers - plus a quote to add a 3rd vehicle (shooting truck) was silly cheap.
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    I spent 30 minutes on the phone to Admiral recently and having been offered a multi car policy on my Ranger and A3 together (admittedly for less than NFU wanted just for the Ranger) then decided that while they would happily insure the A3 for business use, they could only insure the Ranger for SDP&C?! A wasted 30 minutes but they were the best option on the A3 alone.

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