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Thread: 14 gauge shotgun

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    14 gauge shotgun

    hi all,
    i know this is not anything to do with stalking, but a friend of mine has purchased a 14 gauge shotgun which has just been reproofed,
    would any of you know where i may be able to get some shells for it or know anyone that could be able to make some shells for it instead
    and could any one give me a little further insite into this this gauge and shells it would shoot
    many thanks

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    I reckon you'll have your work cut out there stone. I am going into Chris Potters in Tunbridge wells on Tuesday so I will ask there. They are normally pretty good at finding the more unusual and obsolete.
    What year is the shotgun? Is it English?

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    hi andy
    not looked at it yet or even asked much about it as i am waiting for him to bring it over (one day this week ) to get a better picture of it
    i was just told it started out as black powder type shell and could i help
    sorry thats all i know

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    Keep an eye on the regional auction houses web sites, as well as the specialist auction houses you'll often find the obscure shotgun bore cartridges coming up for sale, either as fired cases. or unfired cartridges.

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    thank you phoenix,
    never gave that a thought

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    If anyone still makes them it wil be FIOCCHI they issued a press release last year regarding some old sizes they were going to start making again but i can't remember what sizes they were.

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    cheers ezzy
    that was one line that we are trying , as when we spoke to eley they told us the last time they advertised this cartridge for sale in their own listing it was 1945 as for the last manufactured cartidge he could not say but is supposed to be looking out for us
    the shotgun is a westley richards s/s still not seen it only been told this by the owner very peeved off that he did not bring it round

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    Hi Stone,
    Let me know how you get on with this,
    I have a friend that i haven't seen for a couple of years that could help you with anything you need to know about it. he did his apprentaship with Westley and is a complete anorak on such things if this chap is a good mate of yours i'll track my gunsmith freind down and they can get together. he is midlands based but travels down to devon a lot to see his mum.

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    thanks for offer ezzy
    at the moment he has tracked down 3 brass cases that some one lent him, and is now going to see if he can get some one to make him some new brass and reload them from information offthe ones he borrowed
    if this fails i shall be in touch
    kind regards

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    There is a bloke in Yorkshire I get my pinfire ones of ..he does all the gunfairs and makes replacement hammers etc for old guns .. he used do them I really can't recall his name I will do some searching and PM you mate these are plastic cases ..not cheap not beggars ... think they are couple of quid a piece
    But Fiochi or one of the Italian firms deffo did do them as I saw some a t a game fair couple of years ago as they also had pinfire ones brand new!! from Italy also
    Failing that try "Old Western Scrounger" they will have them for sure and will still post you brass

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