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Thread: First Roe fawn for 2010

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    First Roe fawn for 2010

    Was out with the other half Ladystalker yesterday (2nd May) and while we sitting in the motor having a coffee she noticed a beast had come out into the field about 400 yds away with a fawn in tow, we watched the wee thing running around the doe up and down the tram lines having a merry old time every now and then it would return to the doe for a suckle.
    It was a good few days old so obviously born late april, lovely to see it made our day.

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    A friend went to an RTA last week aparently a large doe.
    He took it for the dogs he said the fawns were less than a week off.

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    Nice to see the next generation on there way i took a picture of one last year on the 26th of april. But have not seen any my self this year.

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    I was assuming, like most things this year that they'd be late but saw my first roe kids (twins) on Weds morning, April 28

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    The earliest I have seen was 28th April a few years ago.
    I saw a Roe Doe come out of a plantation and stand just over the fence, she saw me and jumped back but did not move far once inside.
    I waited for a few minutes watching her and when I eventually went over to have a look, there was a new born Kid in a form just inside the fence line and another still steaming and wet a little bit further in.
    I reckon she had just had them and was intending to move away to lure me but when I didn't move she went back in the plantation.
    As soon as I realised what was happening I made myself scarce.
    I checked the area the following day but they had been moved but later in the season I saw a Doe and twins quite often.
    NickJ you typed quicker than I, that was a coincidence with the dates wasn't it.
    Last edited by EMcC; 03-05-2010 at 16:04. Reason: my slow typing !!

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    Nice one Paul
    seeing them suckling is defo is a grand sight
    but letting the other half see and allowing her to get broody

    just pre-warn the others

    could not resist...sorry
    now what happened to carrying a camera.....................

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    I was coming home from a night shift about 0700 hrs on Sunday 25th April this year and there was a doe and two young in a field by the side of the A1. That is the earliest that I have seen any.

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