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Thread: CZ452 American (.22) stock wanted

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    CZ452 American (.22) stock wanted

    As above, looking for a stock for my CZ452-2E ZKM .22lr American.

    If anyone has one they are looking to move on, please get in touch.

    Thanks for looking

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    not 100% sure mate but if yuor a member of PW give bigboodydaddy a shout i,m sure i seen a post by him selling a one.

    just checked and here you go
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    Thanks for the heads up - I've messaged him so fingers crossed

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    Many thanks to hodge911 for letting me know one a stock he had spotted on another forum.

    Some dialogue followed with the seller and I have it in front of me right now, so I can strip my current stock down over the winter and take my time over a good oiled finish, and still keep the rifle working for me with this spare stock. Happy days

    Thanks once again for the help

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