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Thread: Moving To Devon - advice and Clubs

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    Moving To Devon - advice and Clubs

    Hi there

    I will be moving to Devon (Plymouth area) in the next month or so and need some advice.

    The fist thing is how do I go about "transferring" my FAC from Hertfordshire to Devon and I will need to join a club to keep my FAC - any suggestions?

    Many thanks

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    If you need a Club, Tamar Rangers have a range at Millpool, PL30 4HZ, about an hour from Plymouth.

    Transfering, just move and drop them a line when you are settled, keep your exisiting permissions.

    HTH., S.

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    You'll find D&C to be one of the more enlightened Firearms Departments. As above, if your 'good reason' is live quarry shooting, keep your existing permissions (if any) or invitations/paid days etc. open until you get sorted locally. Ditto for target shooting if that's your bag. You are only obliged to inform your existing FLD when you move and you may retain your FAC/SGC until expiry.

    All dealt with here:

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    Many thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

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    There's a range on Dartmoor, called budleigh farm target shooting. It will probably be about a hours drive depending on what side of Plymouth you are on. All the best with the move

    Cheers Matt

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