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Thread: Advice on scope and magnification

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    Advice on scope and magnification

    Hi Guys,

    looking for peoples advice and a scope for my CZ 527 Varmint in .204

    Unfortunately i dont have a huge budget (500 - 700) Euros

    Ill be wanting a scope for foxing and maybe a few long long range bunnies to test myself out in the summer!!

    I was looking at these Viper and was also looking at the Redfield scopes with the Accu ranger...but not sure if they are any good??

    What magnification do you guys recommend ??

    Appreciate any advice

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    this one - LR Duplex

    Leupold Optics VX-2 4-12x50mm - | Leupold Optics

    great scope for the money, big objective but not massive so plenty light, good glass, fine reticle for small targets at longer range (bunnies)

    better buy quality than plastic fantastic stuff.

    don't buy S&B as the reticles are too thick for longer range shots at small targets, they cover the target too much

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    meopta meopro 61850

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    Buy the best quality S/H scope you can find

    if your lucky you'll find a nice Swarovski variable for your budget

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    I find the eye relief on leupold to long and to maintain a good accuracy level is hard to do, no fast eye bell focus is also a pain in some of their older glass,

    I love my zeiss conquests scopes the 4/14x44 or 50 plex ret is spot on, I have the same scope on all of my rifles, and if. Get the 308 I'm looking at then I'll have another, the plex ret is great out to 600 yards on my 6mm br and I have taken shots on bunnies well past,400 +++ with the br and corvids well past 400 with the 20 tactical,

    They track well have good glass and will not break the bank, but as mentioned get the best your budget will allow spend well once and don't look back,

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    4-12x is a very useful range for a hunting scope. Above 12x, you need to add on parallax adjustment.
    That Leupold is a good scope. So is their 4-12x40mm Mil dot with knobs for $300 here in the USA.

    Two which are a big value to my eye are the Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40mm with BDC reticle, and the Burris Fullfield II 4.5-14x42mm AO with BDC. The FFII E1 has BDC and wind standoff to go with each elevation mark. All these scopes are fairly light ( 12-16 oz ) and not bulky.

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    had the Accu ranger in 3=9x42 superb in the daylight but not so good as the light starts to go .now got a S n B 8x56 different level far better in the woods in low light and under 500 quid atb
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    You could theoretically be pushing out to 400 yards with your 204, maybe even a bit more, so I'd be looking for around x20 or x24 at the top end. Rabbits are pretty small!
    Cheaper scopes might not track that well, so a useful holdover reticle could be useful. I like half mil or MOA type reticles, but not so keen on 'ballistic' types with ever increasing drop spacing.

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    I have an MTC Viper on my 204R. It's not as good as my S&B on my stalking rifle but it is deffinately good enough to shoot bunnies out to 300yards and copes very well with the NM800 light as well. The BT work well and once you get the hang of them are a real asset. At higher mag they do start to suffer but even out to 300m x12 mag is sufficient. For the money they are a great scope and would recommend them.


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    The new Falcon M18, 4.5-18 x44 FFP ret in mildot or milhash. Tracks great, super resolution, just a bit heavy but for long range vermin control, perfect. Wont break the bank either. Light years ahead of earlier generations and wipes the eye of any MTC or Vortex scopes imho (having owned examples of those). Prefer it to my VX3 LR scope by some margin. Better in low light too...

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