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Thread: Semi auto recommended

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    Semi auto recommended

    Hi guys I may be in the market for a 12g semi auto for pigeon and wildfowling. I just wondered what is reliable and good for 5/600 mark

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    I popped into Trulock and Harris in Framlingham last week and looked at the Franchi Affinity - looks just the ticket and c500. Inertia system like the Benelli rather than Gas like the hatsan. Light and pointy, but with3" chamber and steel proof. And they make a left handed one as well - but not sure if it is the UK yet.

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    Beretta 391, great semi auto, ultra reliable and you should find a good one for the money you want to pay.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    At that money the Hatsan is the one to beat, my mates got one and has shot thousands of rounds through it faultlessly.

    regards Neil.

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    I went to a local shop and they have them in stock but said they wouldn't sell me 1.

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    We have an Arab gent on the shoot once a year and he swears by the Benelli Super Black Eagle for reliability. "We go into the desert for 3 weeks at a time and it never jams". Pricey though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danban View Post
    I went to a local shop and they have them in stock but said they wouldn't sell me 1.

    Why???? Because they know you and don't want to sell you something they don't think is good enough or just they wouldn't take your money??
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    Are the hatsan any good tho? I will probably go wildfowling 5 times a year and pigeon maybe 10. Is it worth spending lots more?

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    I've got a hatsan. Works fine so long its kept clean. Use it for bolting foxes and other vermin. Used to have a Beretta, provided by work it was a nicer but a lot dearer. Hatsan is good for the money

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    'Apparently' the early model Hatsans needed meticulous cleaning to keep them operating, or so I am told.
    I bought one a couple of years ago, not expensive, it came with two barrels, 26" and 29" butt spacers, multi chokes and came in a plastic carry case.
    The wood on it is fantastic and it has worked faultlessly with several types, makes and weights of cartridges since I have had it.
    It came within your budget too.

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