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Thread: Hello from Carmarthenshire.

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    Hello from Carmarthenshire.

    I thought i put this up yesterday, but can't see it so here i go again. I have had a rifle since i was 19 and now i'm 60ish. Started with a .22rf like most, later Self loader for practical rifle which was fun, after that 7.62 target rifle for paper which had to double for deer on the farm.A fair few shotguns too, my favourite being a rem 1100. Later i moved to wales and swapped the 7.62 in for my current rifle in .220 swift (which i need more brass for) . More recently i joined a longer range target club and the swift is not up to it. So before i get hold of a suitable rifle, and as i have a broken ankle which is going to take a while, i'm casting around for a suitable scope. I think i need 34mm tube and perhaps x30 or x50 and plenty of clicks up......or i'll weld something cheaper on with the back jacked up a bit. (works ok , so long as you sell it with the scope on). I have visited this site for years, at lasti've registered. Bring on the scratched S&B PM'S ETC or posibly a swarovski with brx/br/tds.ret.
    Appologies if i'm on twice. Hi and best wishes to all who got this far.

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    A very ragged and pinned together 60ish as your good lady will attest to Swifty! Good nickname at the moment ;-)

    Enjoy the site, there are some good folks on here.

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    welcome to the site my friend, lots of guys on here with lots of good info on various subjects regarding firearms,stalking etc.All the best from sunny south Wales

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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