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Thread: B.A.S.C Scottish Game Fair

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    B.A.S.C Scottish Game Fair

    Not been since being very disappointed after the first couple of years,has it improved and if so is it worth going ?


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    Not improved much.

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    was there last year with my boys and wee girl..
    got bloody soaked....
    its ok for what it is. small, well set up with enough to occupy about an hour of your time..
    may go this year but not decided..
    there was an air gun exibit which they where well amused with. good to spend a few quid.
    am surprised about its last of publicity and this i fear shows in the number attending. lots of clothing and gear muchness dearness
    if your not shooting this weekend and got nothing better to do its worth it.


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    Same i found it crap a waist of a good walk

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    Its four years since the last one I went too which I thought was quite good, plenty too do with the two boys fly-fish casting, terrrier races wildfowling demo's and some bargains too be had as well. And not mobbed.
    Went too the Usk one the following year and it was awash with c--p. Could only handle an hour. Crowded cheap and chavish, full of lurchers and candyfloss. Left after the knights on horse!!!!!%&??? if I remember correctly 60 lighter for the entry with my two eldest..

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