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Thread: Beaters.

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    Looking for a couple of experienced pheasant shoot beaters with dogs. Shoot is near Stirling so local would help. Top class catering and refreshments. 30 minute break at 10.30am for a charge up. Lunch time variable depending on progress and daylight available. Pay plus a brace or two.
    Relatively easy beating and dog safe. Other benefits to competent applicants include five boundary days and accompanied vermin and roe/red stalking once trust is mutually attained.
    Shoot estate has eight main drives and we shoot this every fortnight in season. Good guys and requiring more beaters due to a few members struggling due to age and health.

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    How much are you paying up that way RD down here we are 30 -40 per beater

    just curious if we are ahead or behind
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    Hi, all PM's getting replied to and thanks to all interested parties.
    GESS pays 25 for a beater with a dog and 20 for non dog. Juniors get 15.
    Five perimeter days shooting and drinks and food plus a few brace each shoot.
    We have a few beaters that travel a great distance and refuse payment as we offer a fantastic venue to safely work their dogs. Some nearby pay more but don't offer anything else.

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    Hi am retired keeper but still fit sadley no dog any more but happy to help out..........

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    Thankyou but your location would make your offer impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Thankyou but your location would make your offer impossible.
    WHYS that Red DOT IF he shows up on time whats the odds = one very keen beater

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    It would involve a 410 mile round trip for ivorgun which is a long day?

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    Is it mid week?

    Happy to help if it is & you find yourself short of beaters; I always enjoy looking at new ground & as my work gets quiet during December & January I tend to have a bit of spare time.

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    All Saturdays i'm afraid every fortnight.

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