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Thread: Swarovski bino,s

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    Swarovski bino,s

    hi after looking at a few different types of bino,s iv,e made my mind up, i,m gonna go for a pair of 8.5x42 el swaro,s. so i was wondering if anyone has a pair lying about that they don,t use,or can you point me in the right direction for a new pair at a decent price, thank you. the scudd

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    Don't know what they've got in stock at the moment but the first place I would look would be Cley Spy in Norfolk, they are on the internet and are great people to deal with. JC

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    the scudd - great choice, wish I had got mine years ago. Enjoy. Regards JCS

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    Swaro 8.5 x 42 EL Simply the best.

    Try the london camera exchange, or Optics warehouse thats where i got mine.


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    the only 8.5x42 El i can get now are the swarovision version rrp is 1745

    we do 1595 del to uk address

    steve hunter

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