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Thread: McMillan A1-3 stock

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    McMillan A1-3 stock

    Just wondering if anyone has used/handled the McMillan A1-3 stock?
    As I am considering one for medium heavy build as a dual purpose rifle in 300 win.


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    I too was also interested when the stock was initially released by McMillan sadly I already had an A3-5 on order and couldn't change it.

    However this stock has not been well received in the us as far as my research has gone as I looked to swap it out. A certain US company bought well into the design, and ended up doing special pricing. I just don't thing that comb was high enough.

    The A3 sporter would be the one to look at as a non-adjustable cheek piece option. Although it's fugly.

    My sako sporter McMillan is certainly a keeper even when using a 50mm objective. The cast is spot on for me. Shame it won't take a heavier barrel.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    According to McMillan's specs on the A1-3, the comb height is the same as the A3 sporter.

    I already have an A3 sporter, and the comb height for me using a 56mm scope is spot on, but if I am critical of the stock, the pistol grip is too short if you have large hands - like all the A series, and the forend is just too wide at the rear to be completely comfortable when using off hand or in hard hold for a heavy recoiling rifle.

    Hence my interest in the A1-3 stock.



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    i have had a good look at the A1-3, even had a fondle of one attached to a remington xm3, found the stock very comfortable from all firing possitions.
    just need to put some money away to get one now.

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