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Thread: S & B Zenith

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    S & B Zenith

    I have been catching up on a few magazines this evening and reading about the Zenith 'scopes.
    I already have a 1.2 - 4x 20 flashdot but now fancy a 3-12x50 Illuminated but not at the price as advertised by Sportsman or York Guns of 955.

    Does anybody know of a shop or dealer that will discount it to make it more of an option for me.
    At the RRP it is still a fantasy for me but if anybody can quote a reasonable price I would seriously consider it.

    Can anybody help, I'm going to treat it as a late Christmas present!! lol

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    hi EMcC
    i can't realy see you getting a much better deal unless you try the states hav you looked at meopta ?
    i think you may be quite impressed they do a scope in what you are looking for and a few quid cheaper i hav a 3x10x50 non illuminated and a 7x50 illuminated and would still hav a little change from the price you hav mentioned definately worth picking one up and looking through it
    kind regards

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    Re: S & B Zenith

    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC
    Does anybody know of a shop or dealer that will discount it to make it more of an option for me.
    At the RRP it is still a fantasy for me but if anybody can quote a reasonable price I would seriously consider it.
    I would forget about discounts on S&B scopes at the minute, just getting hold of a variable is a job on its own. All S&B production is going to our Military for fitting to our new 338 sniper rifles or to the US Marine Corps for there sniper rifle.

    Luckily I have my 3-12X50 Precision Hunter that I brought years ago.

    Best rgds


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    I have a a 3-12x50 FD7, no scope can match it. The reticule is so fine, the dot realy good even in daytime driven shooting. The flash dot makes it.
    Just a bit heavy.
    I often buy my scopes off e-gun in germany.
    one can sometimes strike a deal.

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    I just got a nice Zeiss Coquest 3-9 x 40 from states for 165

    very pleased with it indeed... cost me a small customs charge through my ignorance of how to side step charges but ain't gonna make that mistake again

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    Hi Stone,
    Glad to hear of somebody else that rates the MEOPTA range.
    I bought my first Meopta in 1971 in Germany, 3-12x50, cost about 150,00, a small fortune in those days.
    They were hard to get hold of then because of Border restrictions but my German friends rated them as good as Zeiss and S & B and that took some saying as you know how proud Germans are of their own Marques.
    I then sent for another about 1983 and they had gone up to around 200, but still good value.
    Then when I saw a 7x40 at the 'Sportsman' I got another, then I saw all the 'gubbins' scratched on to the reticule called a range finder etc I was not so pleased so got rid of it.
    At the moment I have S&B variables of 3-12 x 42 and 3-12 x50 and the Flash dot 1.2-4x24 and of course the two 3-12x50 Meoptas and an S&B 8x56 and an S&B 6x42 but they are all mounted on rifles and I fancied a Howa in .308 so thought I'd get another S&B with the higher mag and thought that as they are priced so high must be very good!!

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    I used to get quite a bit of stuff from Germany by mail order but since they have gone over to the Euro things are not so cheap so haven't bought anything since then.
    Just looked at the site you mentioned and the scope I'm after is already over a grand, probably due to the Euro being so strong against the pound.

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    Stone & EMcC,

    I'm a Meopta fan too. I have a 3-12x56 on a 6.5x55, and an old 7x50 on each of my two rimfires. I have Zeiss and S&B scopes on other rifles, but get on very well with Meopta. The prices are good for what is a very capable scope. The old stell-constructed Meoptas are also as tough as nails.

    I have the 4B range-finding reticule on all three scopes (it was very discreet on the older Meoptas, but is now engraved in bolder font on the reticule). It's useful for holdover with a rimfire.

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    EMcC + Baldrick
    looks like i am preaching to the converted
    the only mistake i made with the 3x10x50 was not having an illuminated one
    as the artemis 2100 7x50 has 1"tube and 7 brightness settings but you can switch off after each setting so not to keep going through the range to turn on and off to your preferred setting and the dot is so small it is about the size of a wheel nut at 100 yards
    the artemis 3000 3x10x50 is a 30mm tube and of equall quality to my swarovski of the same mag settings but was half the price ,this was sat on an unmoderated 30-06 for over 12 months but is now sat on the moderated version of the 30-06 as i was more bothered by the kick than the scope was

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    i also need to add though my illuminated meopta 7x50 is excellent in lowlight it is a waste of time if i were to use it on driven game such as boar in broad daylight as the illumination can not be seen
    kind regards

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