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Thread: Write up of my sd week 2015

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    Write up of my sd week 2015

    Evening all.

    Returned from the first Sd week of 2015 and first I'd like to thank the guys that went for making it such a great week, the laughter and hilarity was non stop.

    Yes the stalking was hard, mild weather,no wind, tall bracken, lots of cover,and the last 2 days of the stag season.

    Monday morning zero rifles tour of some area we can stalk.
    Monday evening Richard and myself head out to the regen area, seen nothing heard sika whistle and reds roaring but over the boundary,on way back to lodge lamped a sika stag and hind in a grass field not far from the lodge, back to lodge dinner and drink.

    Tuesday morning back to regen area stalked up path at gate 1 stood waiting on more light and the broom bush moved beside me , out runs a sika stag off into cover never to be seen again.stalk up track spot a sika stag rear end disappears into bracken, sat glassing for an hour no sign of him so move on up track, sit and glass a nice valley nothing shows, stand up and a bark.. Sika hind had been in front me all that time just hadn't spotted her. Back to lodge.

    Tuesday night I'm off to where seen stag last night stalked up river seen an otter, a salmon
    jumped but no stag yet, made my way to my ambush spot, set up sticks and wait. Though seen a black thing by bracken , glasses up nothing, same again couple minutes later, again nothing, 18.20 and out they came 6 point stag with hind,up onto sticks, cross hair on the swarovski z6 onto the neck and boom the old BSA 270 dropped him dead on the spot at 47 mtrs . Ye ha my first Sika stag and it's a will follow once I get organised.

    Wednesday we all headed over to bit groud about an hour away which just happened to be very close to my family holiday home so instead of stalking I go visit my mother as I have got what I went for on this trip try let the others get a beast.

    Thursday and I'm woken by wind and heavy rain so decide it's a long lie for me, the house keeper got a shock when I came down stairs at half 8 in my boxers.
    Thursday afternoon and with the rain off I think its worth a glass into the bowl at edge of heart break ridge, bingo a red hid and calf sitting up to left of burn above deer fence.
    A nice easy stalk up the burn out onto the Heather Knowl and the swarovski range binos ae telling me it's 181 to the calf , bipod down cross hair onto the neck and squeeze the trigger ... Thump and it's lights out.. Cycle the bolt. . The hind rises standing facing l left.. Up the shoulder .. Send the bullet..thump.. Strike she runs towards deer fence stands sways.. Thump 110 grains centre of shoulder downwards and she crumples.. That's the easy bit done.. Now the work starts... Bled and graloched I leave them at the deer fence and make my way down walking and planning my extraction route ..back to jeep round to larder .. Malcolm arrives back as they had been dealing with the fruits of Tony and Richards trip up the hill on other side. ( I will leave them to write that up ).
    Took the quad up dragged them down off the steep to a more suitable loading point, load the calf easily but struggled with hind as drag her at a dip and it's easier now, both loaded and im heading down off the hill to the larder.

    Thanks should also go to Tom who done the larder work on the calf while I dealt with the hind.

    Friday morning took to hill at rear of lodge with Kenny seen beasts but way out back over boundary .Departed lodge at 14.00 headed home having had great week in superb company.

    Final thank you to Malcolm and not forgetting Sandra.

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    Congratulations on a great time..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Well done Ross, sounds like you had a good week.

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    Nice! Sounds like you had a cracking week and thanks for the write up!

    Pennies allowing I'll hopefully make the trip up there some time as well, reading this has only whetted my appetite to go hehe!

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    Thank you Ross,

    As I write this Tom has just gone up to the same area to spy out for hinds. Started well this morning with the new group (although for many its their third time) big red hind down, thanks to Calvin, plus a fair few others seen. Everyone saw deer this morning and the bracken at long last is dying off and bending over. Consequently the lads are now seeing deer where before we had nothing but high cover.

    Let me know when you want to come south for a Chinky and Munty.

    Best wishes
    Malc and Sandra, plus the hounds.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Nice write up! Sounds like you had a good week. Looking forward to my trip next year.

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    Great write up. Sounds lika a good time was had by all!

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