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Thread: Elephants - and anthropomorphism!

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    Elephants - and anthropomorphism!

    40 elephants poisoned with cyanide in the last week in Zim. Not a murmur. One Lion hunted, apparently perfectly legitimately, world wide outcry.
    What are people thinking of? Just what goes on in their minds?
    I recall someone on here saying they didn't like the man who shot the lion - although he obviously knew absolutely nothing about him. Does he dislike the poachers - even slightly? Obviously not.
    Very sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goathunter1 View Post
    Does he dislike the poachers - even slightly? Obviously not. Very sad.
    I have to 'fess up and say I don't dislike the poachers at all. I suspect that they are just a bunch of folk trying to get by in the world. I do dislike the end user/customer/consumer who drives the demand for poached ivory and other bits of wildlife (endangered or otherwise). Clearly it's a cultural thing and in the interests of 'celebrating diversity' should we condemn people just because they think tiger scrotum will cure their baldness? Unfortunately our Government and ultimately the UK taxpayer has just bent over and been shafted by those very same people....

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    I worked with a chap who was brought up in Zimbabwe and about 30 years ago he came across a male elephant that had a spear in its neck. He removed the spear and washed the wound as best he could and the giant survived as far as he knew. In 2000 for the millenium celebrations he was at a parade with about ten elephants up front and one of the elephants ran over to him and proceeded to stamp him to death..... it was a different elephant!

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    Jokes aside, its been reported that the poisoning may be the work of the local park rangers protesting about a shortfall in their pay and allowances... crazy world, or what?

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    Poor people doing it out of spite or to sell ivory seems fine in the public eye there fore no media interest but a person paying to do it every hippy and weirdo starts going nuts

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    I didn't see that Bandit Country, but some Hwange officials were caught at the airport with ivory in their luggage. Its such a pity as Zimbabwe really is a beautiful country but just f*&^2d beyond belief. I can quite believe it about the protest. I'll have a look.
    Maybe the luvvie doveys will send money for wages! Aye!!

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