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Thread: Hi - new one in N Yorks/Cumbria

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    Hi - new one in N Yorks/Cumbria

    Been shotgun shooting for ever. Started stalking with friends about 5 years ago. FAC now applied for (had the visit last week). Can't wait to start shopping for kit!
    Great forum - learning loads.

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    well come to the site baconbutty,

    if you look through the forums there are a few posts asking the same,
    Put a list up when you think your covered then Im sure you will be get some replys


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    A quick update - firstly I have to say that this website is just great. An invaluable point of reference for someone new to it all and wanting to learn. Thanks to all involved. I've now passed DSC1 - the course was real fun with a fantastic bunch of people. We carried on in the pub where we finished off in the class! I've kitted myself out with a Sako 85 synthetic/stainless and a Swavorski 8x56. Really pleased with this. Been out foxing as well as stalking red stags in the Lakes and sika stags in the Ribble Valley. Off to Perthshire in a couple of weeks on the hinds with some friends. Just enjoying the whole experience, the learning and the great new mates I have made through it all.

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    Welcome along. Well done with your new acquisitions - DSC1 and the set up. I also have a synth stainless Sako 85... not quite the glass that you have though. A great piece of kit. Sounds like you're getting plenty of experience under your belt... I've never stalked in the lakes. I bet it's a great place to go.

    Enjoy Perthshire.


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    Hi DC
    Thanks. The Lakes is indeed a great place to stalk or watch deer. I had seen lots of roe around and about the valleys whilst out walking or running in the past but had never seen any red there until I took this up. I've done a fair bit of walking around Haweswater over the years and they must have been under my nose! Now when I go up there I can just sit quietly with some bins and hey presto there they are! Scenery is very similar to stalking in the highlands but it's much closer to home. Can't wait for Perthshire!!

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