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Thread: High quality reloading equipment

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    High quality reloading equipment

    Hi all.

    I'm looking into reloading for my 223-243 and 308 Blaser R8. I would like some recommendations on the best quality equipment manufacturer(s), I will be looking at the complete package, so if any of the retailers can pull the complete package together send me a PM and I will provide my email.

    I would be interested in your recommendations comments, from all... Including the items to steer clear of....

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    Give SPUD A PM, Go with RCBS, or Redding.
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    Lyman kit is also well worth looking at. K and M make a great hand priming tool. My powder trickler was made by a member on here. Much nicer than the die-cast commercial offerings.

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    Forster is my choice as nos1

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    Lee equipment is fantastic quality, but the price may be a little low for your liking...

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    spud is on the case
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