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Thread: Hornady announces new ELD-X ammo

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    Hornady announces new ELD-X ammo

    I'm going to get 100 143gr 6.5mm made up to try in my 6.5x55mm. With SD of .293 and BC of .620 they will absolutely fly, but they clearly need to properly expand or I'll stick with the 140gr SSTs.

    Technology for technology's sake? Who knows, but if they are as accurate and expand better, then I'm in!
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    Lets hope they don't mix them up !

    In reply to my email yesterday to Hornady saying:-

    Do you make 60 gr V Max in 224? Reason I ask is that I always batch sort my bullets usually within the range of 54.9 to 55.1 gr - not a problem. But to have 2 that weighed 60.1gr is not acceptable. The box of 100 was new and sealed including the polythene bag. The numbers on the box read B12614 and Lot#2140353. These two bullets were much longer than the 55's - how can this happen?

    Your comments please

    Their vague apology was:-

    Mr. Hxxx,
    Thank you for contacting us on this issue. We do make a 60 Gr V-max. We apologize for this inconvenience. Giving us the lot and B # will help us correct this issue. Again we apologize for this inconvenience.
    Thank You

    If I had been testing rounds with these 2 heavyweights in the batch - yes I certainly would have been inconvenienced.

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    It does happen. I got a .264 bullet in a box of .277 bullets - luckily it was smaller and it slipped into a case far too easily and I noticed.

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    Hornady has been hinting at this bullet for some time. At the prices they ask I will stalk in a little closer.~Muir

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